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buy Glucomap Anti -Hyperglycemic Capsules in Delhi,India

Glucomap Anti -Hyperglycemic Capsules


Product Description

Maharishi Ayurveda Glucomap Tablets

Pack Size:10×10 Tablets

Highly Effective for :

  • Anti-Hyperglycaemic, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Fat metabolism, Metabolism, Sugar

Product Description :

  • Glucomap is a rational combination of herbal hypoglycaemias known since ages and duly accredited by laboratory and clinical studies.
  • Glucomap has both pancreatic as well as extra pancreatic action (Momordica cherantia and Eugenia jambolana).
  • Glucomap stimulates beta cells of pancreas (Aegle marmelos), increases peripheral utilisation of glucose and arrests glycogenolysis.
    • Glucomap protects cardiovascular and nerve tissues from degenerative changes (Terminaliaarjuna), protects the liver and strengthens its function (phyllanthus niruri).
    • The immuno-regulator, Asphaltum in Glucomap arrests metabolic abnormalities and reduces recurrent infections. Salsaradigan of Glucomap gives an umbrella of protection against all pervasive degeneration in diabetes
    • Helps alone or as an adjuvant with other OHA in stabilizing blood sugar in type II patients.
    • During clinical trials, Glucomap was found to be extremely well tolerated even in doses as high as 16 tablets a day. Significantly, almost all patients had such improved subjective feelings as never experienced with other anti-diabetic therapies.


    • Non- insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus. As an adjuvant to other anti-diabetic drugs.


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