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buy Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Tablets in Delhi,India

Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Tablets


Product Description

Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Tablets

Pack Size :- 60 Tablets

A unique formula containing 23 herbs ,gives relief from inflammation,muscle spasm and control all inflammatory joint complaints.

Orthoherb tablet is a preparation which works by correcting the inflammation of the synovial membrane and fluid, reducing the swelling due to its specific anti-inflammatory and diuretic action ,restoring the fluid balance and  it also rejuvenates the joint capsule for maximum performance.

Free from steroids ,chemicals and metallic compounds,it does not cause any abdominal discomfort-100% harmless and safe.


Joint pain,inflammation,cervical & lumbar Spondylosis,Sciatica and all types of inflammatory joint conditions.


2 tablets twice daily after food,

Children half the adult dosage .


Ricinus communis,Adothoda vasica,Aegle marmelos,Strobilanthes ciliatus,Sida retusa,Azadiracta indica,Tragia involucrate,Abrus precatorus,Cyclea peltata,Piper nigrum,Cinnamomoum cassia,Myristica fragrans,Syzegium aromaticum,Phyllanthus emblica,Rubia cordifolia,Vitex negundo,Boerhavia diffusa,Balsamodendron mukul,

Plumbago zeylanica,Strychnos potatorum,Tribulus terrestris,Asperagus recemosus,Scoparia dulcis.


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