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buy Organic Wellness Desi Ghee Pure Cow Ghee in Delhi,India

Organic Wellness Desi Ghee Pure Cow Ghee


Product Description

Organic Wellness Cow Ghee
Pack Size: 400ml
• Milk from Desi Indian cows
• Cows graze in forest and organic feed
• No injection
• Manual milking of cow .No mechanical machine used to milk them as it tortures them
• Curd made in night
• Churned and made ghee
• By product is butter milk distributed to village for free
• Authentic , pure Ghee from Tension free Desi cows
• Packed in wide mouth glass bottle for ease of use
• No essence, no colour or no additive to give a feel of pure ghee

Direction for Use

• You can use it as a cooking oil anywhere else you would use butter or oil – Ghee has a golden color, a nutty and savory flavor
• Mix with a quality salt and spread on sprouted grain or sourdough breads
• Drizzled over fish, scallops, or lobster
• Mix with herbs & seasonings, use as a rub for roast chicken
• Searing meat
• Use as a cooking oil when the flavor of coconut or tallow won’t do — particularly to sauté or stir fry veggies
• Fried & scrambled eggs
• Toss on popcorn
• Stir in rice
• Mash in potatoes


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