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buy Khadi Neem &Turmeric Face Wash in Delhi,India

Khadi Neem &Turmeric Face Wash


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Product Description

Directions: Use Khadi Moisturising Lotion & Massage Vigorously in Upwardly Direction for 2-3 Minutes to obtain Glowing & Graceful Look

Soft& Gentle On Skin Spreads Essily.Nourish skin.Provides Youthful Glow To Skin Of All Types

KEY Ingredients: Neem Termeric Face Wash, Essential Oil and Olive Oil, Milk Casein Glycerine, Almond Oil,Honey, Propylene Glycerine,Almond Oil,Honey, propylene Glycol, Wheatgerm Oil, Water,Cetyl Alcohol,Stearic Acid,Vitamin E Oil


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