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buy Amrutanjan Back Pain Roll – ON in Delhi,India

Amrutanjan Back Pain Roll – ON


Product Description

Amrutanjan Back Pain Roll – ON

Pack of : 50ml

Back Pain Roll On launched in 2013 provides relief from body pain when applied on the affected part. It penetrates the skin easily to reach the affected muscle and you just have to roll it on the affected area. Back pain roll on is in lotion format so it penetrates easily through the skin and does not require rubbing. It gives you instant relief and it is non greasy and does not leave stains on your clothes or bed sheets. It starts giving result from 30 secs of application.


Pudina ka phool, Gandhapura tel, Karpoor powder, Lavang tel, Katuvira satva.


One just has to roll it over the affected area and does not require someone else to apply it for you. Just a few strokes on the back and forget about the pain.


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