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buy Aimil Amycordial Syrup in Delhi,India

Aimil Amycordial Syrup


Product Description

Aimil Amycordial Syrup

Pack Size: 200ml


Amycordial Syrup is used for the treatment of Menstrual Problems, Inflammation, Asthma, Bronchitis, Dropsy, Arthritis and other conditions.

Amycordial Syrup contains Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha, Azadirachta Indica, Dashmoola, Leptadenia Reticulata, Saraca Indica, Symplocos Racemosa, and Tagetes Erecta as active ingredients.

Amycordial Syrup works by affecting the cholesterol synthesis; calming the brain, reducing swelling, lowering blood pressure and altering the immune system; lowering the level of blood glucose in diabetic patients; reducing the blood lipid levels in hyperlipidemia; showing effective use in treatment of genital herpes and psoriasis; supporting healthy reproductive system in women; works as an antioxidant, antibacterial, vasodilator and galactogogue; treating inflammatory conditions; activating through opioid receptors; stimulating the cell-mediated immune mechanisms to elicit an enhanced response to subsequent mitogenic or antigenic challenge; lowering blood sugar level; inhibiting the mucus depletion and mast cell degranulation; stimulating cell-mediated immune reaction; retarding the growth and development of asexual and sexual stages of drug sensitive and resistant strains of the human malarial parasite and etc.


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