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buy Divya Kesh Taila Hair Oil in Delhi,India

Divya Kesh Taila Hair Oil


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Product Description

<p><strong>Divya Kesh Taila Hair Oil</strong></p>

<p><strong>Main Ingredients:&nbsp;</strong><br />

Bhringa-raja, Brahmi, Amalakl (Amala), Shweta Chandana, Daru-haridra, Kamala (lotus), Ananta-mula, Ketaki, Jata-mamsi, Nilini (indigo), Ratan-jot, Gunja (white variety), Priyangu, Lodhra, Naga-kesara, Mushta (Nagar-motha), Bala, sesame oil, etc.</p>

<p><strong>Therapeutic Uses:</strong></p>


<li>Divya Kesh Tail&nbsp;is like nectar for your hair; it cures untimely hair fall, dandruff, alopecia, premature graying of hair, etc. By applying this oil, hair becomes healthy &amp; luxurious.</li>

<li>As&nbsp;Divya Kesh Tail&nbsp;is prepared with many celestial herbs, it also strengthens your eyes &amp; brain, as well as cools the brain.</li>

<li>Divya Kesh Tail is also useful in headache &amp; different types of head-diseases.</li>


<p><strong>Mode of Administration:&nbsp;</strong><br />

Apply it to the hair roots, massage well. To have more effect it should not be washed out.</p>

<p><em>(100 ml of Divya Kesh Tail manufactured by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy</em>)</p>



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